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That was a very nice touch at the end. It was paced nicely and the visuals were spot on. While the concept of robots seeking freedom is done to death, this one feels different and more satisfying, somehow.

This was well animated and was interesting to watch, but...INFORMATION OVERLOAD! WAY too much info at once. Try spreading out the details more. You tried so hard with the visuals, and you succeeded with them for the most part, but it's almost impossible to make such a humongous wall of text like that interesting when it's all shoved into the intro like that.

boybogart responds:

True. But a humble freelancer gotta follow the script. :)

Me while watching this:

"Ugh this is so stupid, it's just like -Pffahahha- all those other paradies with.. -hehehehe- stupid dick jokes and overly dramati- HAHAHA- low rate humor- HAHAHA I'm so sick of this lazy sort of joke writing and...HAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Oh you know what screw it I'm laughing my ass off have a 5."

I'm immediately going to show this to as many people as I possibly can. Amazing work! A full, uplifting story.

Once again, a good episode. Had a fun ending to it and the characters are developing nicely. :]

However, I have one issue with the whole series. Where the crap are the admins and such? :L

It might just be my headhpones, but it'd have been a better if the voices werea bit louder compared to the music.
Still, this'll be caught in my head for the next month. Good job!

Decent animation, but the storytelling seemed rushed. I couldn't really understand what was going on, but...maybe that's because the music was too loud compared to the audio.

I had to strain to hear what was happening, so you should really work on balancing.

On the flip side, it was pretty to look at and seems like it has a lot of potential. The voice acting, while not SUPER amazing, was fairly decent for a pet project too. :)
Keep up the good work.

I didn't understand it but I found it amusing and kind of funny anyway.
Good job C:

I read the reviews that mention pacing, and you said you tried making it faster but it didn't work.

Honestly just abrupt scene cuts would do fine.
Squirtle spit out his tongue too long, you could cut that by a second or two. Prof's creepy lavender town staring could've been cut after the first "Uh...professor?" dialogue line.

*Prof staring into space with music playing*
*camera switches to the Prof. The music cuts off suddenly, and the background behind him returns to normal. Prof. Continues staring for a split second before saying...*
"Wha- OH! Nothing, don't worry about it!"
*Flash returns as usual*

MUCH cleaner and retains the audience's attention.

As for not giving you a full 3 stars...the end was just too cruel to me for it to be funny or amusing. I just left feeling depressed and sad, which is OK for serious flashes but not in something I was expecting to be funny. So when it just became horribly inhumane my opinion toward the flash lowered.

Mosamabindrawin responds:

Yea I agree the squirtle scene could have been shorter. What you suggested though with professor oak saying nothing is wrong and dont worry about it wouldnt have worked though. Something IS wrong. He cracked, took the kid, killed him and put him in his freezer.

Good animation, amusing art, throwaway "sure let's go with that" script. I didn't really laugh, but I was amused. =P

Am I a popular artist? No. Am I that interesting? No. But, I submit anyway. Please enjoy my music, and PLEASE remember to blindly prai- I mean, constructively criticize my work. (Unlike people who just blam and leave. Don't be one of them!)



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