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This was well animated and was interesting to watch, but...INFORMATION OVERLOAD! WAY too much info at once. Try spreading out the details more. You tried so hard with the visuals, and you succeeded with them for the most part, but it's almost impossible to make such a humongous wall of text like that interesting when it's all shoved into the intro like that.

boybogart responds:

True. But a humble freelancer gotta follow the script. :)

I read the reviews that mention pacing, and you said you tried making it faster but it didn't work.

Honestly just abrupt scene cuts would do fine.
Squirtle spit out his tongue too long, you could cut that by a second or two. Prof's creepy lavender town staring could've been cut after the first "Uh...professor?" dialogue line.

*Prof staring into space with music playing*
*camera switches to the Prof. The music cuts off suddenly, and the background behind him returns to normal. Prof. Continues staring for a split second before saying...*
"Wha- OH! Nothing, don't worry about it!"
*Flash returns as usual*

MUCH cleaner and retains the audience's attention.

As for not giving you a full 3 stars...the end was just too cruel to me for it to be funny or amusing. I just left feeling depressed and sad, which is OK for serious flashes but not in something I was expecting to be funny. So when it just became horribly inhumane my opinion toward the flash lowered.

Mosamabindrawin responds:

Yea I agree the squirtle scene could have been shorter. What you suggested though with professor oak saying nothing is wrong and dont worry about it wouldnt have worked though. Something IS wrong. He cracked, took the kid, killed him and put him in his freezer.

I...can't help but like this. I have no idea why. Just take my stars. Take them.

Samination responds:

NOMNOMNOM. Your stars were yummy.

Way way more interesting and fummy than the first, in my opinion. You started off great in the start, with the bear kinda slowly becoming the Dovakhin. However, it really really stalled when the bear sat in the bar for so long only for the dragon sequence to be a bit...short.

Bear getting drunk = funny, but it was a bit overdone.

Regardless, animation is amazing and I look forward to seeing more stuff from you =) I think you've improved a lot from your first one.

Bowz responds:

I agree, that part did get a bit sloppy. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah yeah, I see your sarcastic vicious replies to comments, but anyway...

Great, great, great art. I was extremely impressed by it and I was hooked as soon as I saw the first few seconds of it. However...

Way, way, way too disturbing for me. Some people are like "ZOMG YES VIOLENCE" but to me, this is like..Gorn. Just too much of it without any justification for it, and it steps over too many lines (the lines being my stomach; I felt physically ill after watching this). I will never, ever watch this again. And for that, I can only give it 2.5 stars. The art deserves a 3 but I just can't give it to you.

I got no enjoyment from it and in fact feel a little worse off in life just from seeing it. It has, literally, degraded my entire life experience down a little bit.

Hopefully though, some day you can do something more accessible to a mainstream audience. You can argue I'm just being a pussy but damn, this is just too messed up. You definitely have talent/are awesome and all that, but Jesus Christ, this is awful in a whole new way.

Sherbalex responds:

someday before my body dies and i leave this earth i will leave behind the beautiful things that hide within.

until then though, its just going to be more of this!!!


About that attitude other people have commented on...
People who officially review movies tend to not make movies themselves, yet they can still be insightful. In fact, it can give you an outside view that, as a "director" you can't notice. Outside opinions can be much more insightful than "inside" opinions. What artists may find amazing, an outside group may see it as trash thrown on a canvas.

In this case, you were trying to be entertaining, and if the outside reviewers don't find it entertaining, you should appreciate that there are some that are telling you how and why it wasn't. Thus, you can improve.

...You know, taking what some of them (the genuine critiques, not the idiots) to heart. Instead of gloating over getting front page.

Seriously, nobody will remember in a year about most front page stuff (minus professional, super amazing stuff like Bitey of Brackenwood.) So enjoy all of this attention. You're getting so many suggestions on how to improve your abilities.

This is an opportunity that other, equally talented artists would kill for. I know I'd love creative tips on my audio portal stuff, yet all I've seen you do is be arrogant to people who didn't give you a high score.

And if other people are unhelpful jerks, screw them. But you don't have to make yourself look just as bad as they are. =l


Liked the art style. Screw people saying you can't draw, I thought the art was well done.
I was also impressed that you did this in only 4 days, and you had good use of music. PS: Nice background attention.

Ending was kind of...eh. I get the whole parody bit, but it just didn't grab my attention. The beginning where they divided by zero is not only an old joke but the humorous effect only lasted around 2 seconds for me; after which I lost most interest in the flash D: So it gets a 6 from me, for effort and detail attention. But minus points for the old joke...it just didn't hold my interest for as long as the flash was.

BoobMarley responds:

There have been no insightful critiques of this movie, or advice or suggestions offered from the reviews that would in anyway be helpful to me. Again, telling me that this or that sucked or was great... really doesn't help. For that reason, I feel that I have in no way been ungracious to the attention this animation has received.

When someone eventually tells me: "This sucked, this is why, this is what you can do instead..." I'll take it to heart. I will openly receive the criticism and suggestions. Otherwise, I'm left with "I liked it, hurrr" and "I didn't like it, hurrr". Am I really going to take to heart what some fourteen year-olds feel? (A: No)

As for your own review - thanks? I appreciate the compliments and the explanations as to why this wasn't perfect for you. Again, I know it's an old bit. That ain't news to me. I am again however, left wanting for meaningful suggestions and critiques. Generic stuff like "make it not boring", "make the animation better", and "don't use old jokes" are things that I am self-aware of as I actually animate, and are not helpful to me in a review.

Thanks most of all though, for not being a mindless asshole who is upset that this animator flames back. If there are any suggestions you can make about this flash, or any other, I don't think I would tune you out.

Am I a popular artist? No. Am I that interesting? No. But, I submit anyway. Please enjoy my music, and PLEASE remember to blindly prai- I mean, constructively criticize my work. (Unlike people who just blam and leave. Don't be one of them!)



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