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Pretty nice, I'll ignore the venonat resemblence =P

I Think people are reminded of brackenwood so much because not only is the character similar in design, his observance of the world is done very close to the style of brakenwood. (including camera angles, head movement, etc.) His habit of blinking, his walking style, etc all seem like mannerisms that appear over and over again in that series.

Anyway, the reason I'm giving this a 4 instead of a 5 is that the characters themselves were all animated very well, but the backgrounds lack detail sometimes, and the black gloop character seemed out of place.

In terms of background examples, when fluffo was popping out of the snow, you used a gradient on the snowpile which was very...different. I'd have suggested simply getting a brush and shading the pile itself instead of using a gradient.
Other times, the landscapes of snow just seemed underdone, considering half of the movie was fluffo looking around at the scenery.

Finally, my qualm with the black goo monster is this: people associate that kind of design with pollution and evil. It might have not been a pollution monster, but when I saw it the first thing that came to my mind was "Why is there a pollution monster in a place with no humans or polluters?"

Also it attacked for seemingly no reason, which as a "nature" piece (that's what it felt like) he seemed woefully unexplained for the few seconds he was there. Was he territorial? Was fluffo going near some sort of stack of food he was protecting? Or what?

Also it doesn't make sense why it didn't like light. (Or was it just too big for the tunnel?)
I felt that was used in a cliche way and once again could have been solved by a redesign of the gloop enemy's appearance.
He's a monster in a deep underground cave, he'd probably have to have large eyes or other features to make him accustomed to seeing in the underground. (Only for some reason that large cove was very well lit, considering it's in an underground hole while it's storming outside. But that's just yet another nitpick =P) Anyhow, you could've zoomed up on a feature of him (his size, or perhaps large eyes) that was sensitive and displayed it, so when he did see light/whatever happened would make more sense for him to stop pursuit.

Anyway these are stupid nitpicks and this is a really good flash, it's just I didn't even have to think about the movie to notice these things D: So I can't really give it a perfect 5. Still though, I hope you do more as I honestly enjoyed the movie and loved the way you portrayed your character's thought process. =)

You know, the concept wasn't amazing, but there was so much effort put into this in animation.
I actually felt for the kid that wasn't cheating and was hoping he would win; the visuals were awesome.

In the end, the concept wasn't super amazing, but I still got complete entertainment from it. And isn't that the point of a flash movie?


7/10 for the art and voices.

I know MLP, I know epic meal time. I hate neither.
But the jokes in this weren't that great. I didn't laugh once, although Applejack's "lolwut" expressions were amusing. Anyhow, the art/voicework saved this to where I still got entertainment from it, but this could've been a LOT more entertaining. Cupcake time was better, to the point, and didn't try too hard to be funny by adding random scenes. Sorry guys D:

Amused me

It made me smile. And that's what a flash on newgrounds is supposed to do.

Could go into depth on your art and such, but no need to, seeing as how everyone else has. ;P

Not my humor.

Even though I'm trying to judge this seeing why this is getting 9s and 10s, I can't really see it D:

4 for art style. It was interesting, well done and kept my attention.

0 for anything else: I didn't find this amusing. Sure, it was gross, but it didn't LOSE points for that. It was just your typical "Be as disgusting as possible" flash and I don't get laughs/entertainment from that. I did get amusement from the bacon thing, but aside from that...nothing garnered my interest. I've seen it before, nothing new, and I never was amused by these kinds of flashes to begin with. So, basically the entire content of this flash did nothing for me, and with that in mind I can't give this more than a 4.

BUT you know your audience, and other people got a LOT of entertainment with this, so...=O Who am I to say? I'm in the minority. Still though, seeing a horde of 10s and no low scores, might as well be the one to speak out...
*gets useless review'd*


I have nothing bad to say about this. Favorited and 10'd. I'll be showing this to other people too.

Most definitely not my humor.

The art was okay enough, if the message could've been funnier. I understand that the humor was supposed to come from the audience expecting sophistication at an opera show, and getting horribly disappointment (also the lyrics themselves)

But the first wasn't built up at all and the second was just juvenile sex humor. As improvement, I suggest that you focus on members of the audience BEFORE they enter the theatre. Some of the people waiting to hear the opera could rave about how masterful and sophisticated the dude is, only for THAT show to go on.

Then again people are giving this 9s and 10s, so...who knows. But I really can't give this more than a 3. Sorry =S


About that attitude other people have commented on...
People who officially review movies tend to not make movies themselves, yet they can still be insightful. In fact, it can give you an outside view that, as a "director" you can't notice. Outside opinions can be much more insightful than "inside" opinions. What artists may find amazing, an outside group may see it as trash thrown on a canvas.

In this case, you were trying to be entertaining, and if the outside reviewers don't find it entertaining, you should appreciate that there are some that are telling you how and why it wasn't. Thus, you can improve.

...You know, taking what some of them (the genuine critiques, not the idiots) to heart. Instead of gloating over getting front page.

Seriously, nobody will remember in a year about most front page stuff (minus professional, super amazing stuff like Bitey of Brackenwood.) So enjoy all of this attention. You're getting so many suggestions on how to improve your abilities.

This is an opportunity that other, equally talented artists would kill for. I know I'd love creative tips on my audio portal stuff, yet all I've seen you do is be arrogant to people who didn't give you a high score.

And if other people are unhelpful jerks, screw them. But you don't have to make yourself look just as bad as they are. =l


Liked the art style. Screw people saying you can't draw, I thought the art was well done.
I was also impressed that you did this in only 4 days, and you had good use of music. PS: Nice background attention.

Ending was kind of...eh. I get the whole parody bit, but it just didn't grab my attention. The beginning where they divided by zero is not only an old joke but the humorous effect only lasted around 2 seconds for me; after which I lost most interest in the flash D: So it gets a 6 from me, for effort and detail attention. But minus points for the old joke...it just didn't hold my interest for as long as the flash was.

BoobMarley responds:

There have been no insightful critiques of this movie, or advice or suggestions offered from the reviews that would in anyway be helpful to me. Again, telling me that this or that sucked or was great... really doesn't help. For that reason, I feel that I have in no way been ungracious to the attention this animation has received.

When someone eventually tells me: "This sucked, this is why, this is what you can do instead..." I'll take it to heart. I will openly receive the criticism and suggestions. Otherwise, I'm left with "I liked it, hurrr" and "I didn't like it, hurrr". Am I really going to take to heart what some fourteen year-olds feel? (A: No)

As for your own review - thanks? I appreciate the compliments and the explanations as to why this wasn't perfect for you. Again, I know it's an old bit. That ain't news to me. I am again however, left wanting for meaningful suggestions and critiques. Generic stuff like "make it not boring", "make the animation better", and "don't use old jokes" are things that I am self-aware of as I actually animate, and are not helpful to me in a review.

Thanks most of all though, for not being a mindless asshole who is upset that this animator flames back. If there are any suggestions you can make about this flash, or any other, I don't think I would tune you out.

Not bad :3

There's not really a plot to it, and some of it is poorly translated, but I still found it amusing and I can tell that some work was put into it. Keep improving, I'd love to see more from you :D


The Facial expressions were very amusing, I liked how you did their faces. The music also fit well with the movie, and the animation wasn't too bad.

However, at times it became hard to understand what was going on. Not in a "Why did that happen?!" or random way, but in a "Wait, wasn't that guy on the building? When did he fall off?" sort of not as good way. Still, I found it amusing. Keep it up! =P

Am I a popular artist? No. Am I that interesting? No. But, I submit anyway. Please enjoy my music, and PLEASE remember to blindly prai- I mean, constructively criticize my work. (Unlike people who just blam and leave. Don't be one of them!)



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