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That was a very nice touch at the end. It was paced nicely and the visuals were spot on. While the concept of robots seeking freedom is done to death, this one feels different and more satisfying, somehow.

This was well animated and was interesting to watch, but...INFORMATION OVERLOAD! WAY too much info at once. Try spreading out the details more. You tried so hard with the visuals, and you succeeded with them for the most part, but it's almost impossible to make such a humongous wall of text like that interesting when it's all shoved into the intro like that.

boybogart responds:

True. But a humble freelancer gotta follow the script. :)

Me while watching this:

"Ugh this is so stupid, it's just like -Pffahahha- all those other paradies with.. -hehehehe- stupid dick jokes and overly dramati- HAHAHA- low rate humor- HAHAHA I'm so sick of this lazy sort of joke writing and...HAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Oh you know what screw it I'm laughing my ass off have a 5."

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I've seen this done way too many times, only better. Sorry. :( Like...literally, the other games had the same concept. Going across a platformer in the name of love, and the game would change slightly each screen to match the sentence. That knocks points off for me.

LukeElchul responds:

Yea haha

It's so glitchy I can't even finish it. If I click too quickly, the mood meter just resets to full. Even if I have the key, when that happens I have to play ALL THREE DAYS again. Due to the slow-paced nature of the game, this is highly annoying.

I couldn't even finish it due to glitches. I'm sorry, man. :/ It had a lot of potential though, hopefully you'll revisit this in the future and remake it.
(I'd have liked it if you did have actual choice. Like you go to school, the bully hits you. You go home, your dad hits you . That's a more realistic situation, and your whole point about "choosing" what you do wouldn't have been ruined. You'd have to go on a shooting spree either way...)

So yeah:
Needlessly limited choices (what I suggested would make realistic sense and still limit choice)
Slow paced; no way to skip default walking animations.

*Gets through the first few rooms, expecting this to to be something completely different*

"Hey this is nifty! :D"

*Gets smeared across a wall*


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This gives me a very "Tales of" vibe, especially 1:04 when the harpi comes in. I really enjoyed this piece, and I feel it portrayed its atmosphere very effectively. Nice job!

I agree that the beginning was pretty catchy! But I felt the dynamics/flow of the pieces were a bit odd. I think the transition into the part at 31 was too soon, and if you spent a bit more time between those measures, the whole song would be very smooth.

I really like what you did with the percussion; despite the song's tempo and drive remaining pretty consistent, the variation in the beat really helped to keep the song interesting. I also loved the instrumentation; did I hear an organ in there, at around the 50 second mark?

Finally, the loop was very smooth; it would be difficult to tell it was repeating without seeing that playbar at the bottom. =P

-Review for a Review

I really, really like the composition and the balancing in this piece! However, sometimes it seems a bit overly out of sync in some areas, especially from the beginning to the middle. It could just be the the fact that playing some of these rhythms would be extremely difficult. Or you could have done that on purpose and I'm just too snarky. Either way, it's keeping me from giving a 5/5.

Not that 4.5/5 is shabby at all, though. This is a very good song and I really like the attention to the sub voices (like the low string rhythms).

SilverPoyozo responds:

Why, thank you very much!

I actually had to do this in one evening for a contest, and that part was indeed a bit hard to record so...yeah.It always irks me when I listen to the beginning section because of that.
But still, thanks for giving it a listen.

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This is cute, and while I did look at the detailed resolution of this pic...I can't say it stands out much. A lot of it is a square pixel tool being used with a few character sprites. The squids are pretty awesome, and the concept is pretty cool, but it's mostly plain squares with a filter placed over the whole picture.

I can give you 3 stars for the few detailed parts like the sheep you added, but the rest is overly simple or doesn't match the rest of the picture. (EG: the docked boat doesn't work with the pic.) Seriously, you can use the pencil tool in MS paint to get the level of detail you put on the trees. :C And yes I know it's Minecraft, but the leaves have more texture and depth in the game as well. =P

OVERALL: Good specific details are put in a bland, quickly done world. Hence, 3/5.

Oh my god XD

I can't NOT write a review about this. Don't have anything helpful to say, but omfg 10'd

Great! :D

The only thing that bugs me is the little chair thing it's sitting on. it should probably be a darker hue, because at first I thought it was part of the actual demon and for a second the picture didn't make sense to me ^_^;

Am I a popular artist? No. Am I that interesting? No. But, I submit anyway. Please enjoy my music, and PLEASE remember to blindly prai- I mean, constructively criticize my work. (Unlike people who just blam and leave. Don't be one of them!)

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