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I've seen this done way too many times, only better. Sorry. :( Like...literally, the other games had the same concept. Going across a platformer in the name of love, and the game would change slightly each screen to match the sentence. That knocks points off for me.

LukeElchul responds:

Yea haha

It's so glitchy I can't even finish it. If I click too quickly, the mood meter just resets to full. Even if I have the key, when that happens I have to play ALL THREE DAYS again. Due to the slow-paced nature of the game, this is highly annoying.

I couldn't even finish it due to glitches. I'm sorry, man. :/ It had a lot of potential though, hopefully you'll revisit this in the future and remake it.
(I'd have liked it if you did have actual choice. Like you go to school, the bully hits you. You go home, your dad hits you . That's a more realistic situation, and your whole point about "choosing" what you do wouldn't have been ruined. You'd have to go on a shooting spree either way...)

So yeah:
Needlessly limited choices (what I suggested would make realistic sense and still limit choice)
Slow paced; no way to skip default walking animations.

*Gets through the first few rooms, expecting this to to be something completely different*

"Hey this is nifty! :D"

*Gets smeared across a wall*


It was good, but once I hit the slowmo power-up the game became too frustrating to hold my attention. Sorry! I was interested in the story, as well, until it became a "revenge" one paired with said frustration.

Going to be honest. At first I was a bit bored, but as I continued I wanted to see how the story unfolded more and more.

Noticed you spelled some letters at the bottom where you switch letters. I didn't get any meaning from them, but it was fun to notice they were there and discover even more words. :]

I really liked this game, and will be adding it to my favorites shortly. :p
It was quite compelling! My only complaint is, I wish the puzzles had been slightly harder in some instances. For me, they were all fairly straight forward.

Hope to see more from you.

Fun fact: Ask "Can I have some water?" after beating the game once. I mean, damn. Brilliant.

I thought the game was going to be really, really cool. HOWEVER...

Never make a precise platforming game have a SLIPPERY floor. Every time I made a mistake, I thought "AUGH this is frustrating!" instead of "Well that was my fault, I should try again. Maybe I'll be better this time around."

That is when a game becomes more "unfair" than "challenging." And you can only take so much unfairness before getting worn out from the game and wanting to stop.

It was fun and killed some time, but I honestly expected there to be more to the story.

I mean, would there not be other people around to build the moon station? Perhaps there would be some controversy or conspiracy plot. Maybe he goes back in time only to find out his co-workers are plotting to kill him, idk. There's just a lot more you could have done with this, and I'm sure you could have added spiced it up a bit even with your time limit. =P
Either way, good job for a 48 hour game! It was as good as one that had much time spent on it.

That is, well..until it ended suddenly. =P

Where are the happy/positive interactions?
I don't want to play just another torture game. I don't mind having a Demo in this one case (because you could get a lot of fun from this)

I don't want to feel as if I'm punching my pet dog. If there are "happy" interactions in the full version, you made a bad choice by not including them in the demo. =X

Played this for 3 minutes, felt bad about punching the buddy, then stopped. Being nice to him was what made me like the first one so much. Without that option, it's just a fancy version of a torture games, and god are those things depraved and overdone.

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