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I've seen this done way too many times, only better. Sorry. :( Like...literally, the other games had the same concept. Going across a platformer in the name of love, and the game would change slightly each screen to match the sentence. That knocks points off for me.

LukeElchul responds:

Yea haha

I was gonna give this a 5/5, but there are literally a few (arguably 2) things that make the game unfinishable.

1. Choosing the Bow over the Pole leads to missing out on a ton of the game. Should just remove the bow guy until the player has chosen the pole. It is UNFAIR and simply bad game design to punish people that harshly over a "left or right" choice.

2. Shooting the horse and making it dead makes the player restart the whole game to see what happens if you don't. This one is easily fixed by allowing the player to resume from capturing the horse. Shouldn't be hard.

But alas, those are some serious design flaws! In any other game, gaping holes like this would've made them go from a 5/5 to a 2/5. So why a 4/5? well...The game is easy to replay from the start, and the game itself is very entertaining. You keep wanting to play through and try "off the path" choices to find everything. Sadly, the game also punishes you for that while also encouraging it. =(


LonLonRanch responds:

Hey brudda, I appreciate you taking the time to give me some useful criticism. Yes, I agree that there are parts of the game that could easily be considered unfair and here is what I was thinking when designing these features:

*Rewarding patient and thoughtful players*

1. There is a tablet very close to the water that suggets you will at some point have the option between choosing a Fishing Pole or a Bow and Arrow, how many people read this tablet? I would assume most. I put this tablet there specifically to make people think about it and potentially hint that the decision isn't as obvious as you may guess. Players who have taken the time to explore the game and take risks are therefore rewarded. Does it make sense? Not really, but what in this game does?

2. Actions have consequences. I would assume it's a natural instinct to shoot something when you see it during gameplay, and I want to reward players who are more conscious of their actions, it's as simple as that.

You do have a good point that the worst part of all of this is that I don't let players take back these decisions unless they restart the game, and I admit that is a functionality which would improve the game. At the same time I think these flaws help give Stable Boy the personality it has. I never set out to make a perfect game, just a personal one :D

Thanks for the review and your vote, I really appreciate it!

I'm sure this is amazing, but...

This game is lagging for me...and lag in a rhythm game is bad. I mean, I can't even pass the easiest mode due to this technical problem >_<; Also, could just be me but half the stuff doesn't seem like it's on the beat. So, giving it a 7/10 due to technical difficulties and the fact that the hits seemed off-rhythm...can't trust your musical gut on this game. D:

However, the backgrounds and art were very well done. :3 I applaud the person that did them.

TaroNuke responds:

Try setting quality to low in settings menu.
I made sure all the songs were synced as well as possible.

Am I a popular artist? No. Am I that interesting? No. But, I submit anyway. Please enjoy my music, and PLEASE remember to blindly prai- I mean, constructively criticize my work. (Unlike people who just blam and leave. Don't be one of them!)



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