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Aw :c

I hate to be a downer. I really wanted to give this an extra point or two, but could not. The mixing is great, the instrument choice good, the feel very calming.

But, the chords are so overused. I have literally heard this countless times. Not only that, but they never really change. It's the same thing over and over, although you masked it REALLY well and kept my interest throughout the song, which takes skill. I'll definitely check out any other work you've done, but I honestly cannot give this more than a 7. Either way, I hope you keep making music :)

christho responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm fairly new at music so i'm still learning a bit. I'll keep in mind what you said.


Amazing =D

I have nothing bad to say about this. Ingenious use of instrumentation, extremely unique feel to it...all while keeping the listener's attention. This is amazing.

Missing something, but still amazing.

It'd be a GREAT piece for some sort of RPG. I'm seriously in love with this, and it loops REALLY well. The one thing it's "missing" for me though, is that it needs a bit of extra "umph."

Perhaps add a new part near 00:52 that hasn't been heard before, since you're using a lot of the same keys. Or, simply add an extra layer for when 1:06 comes, like adding a direct harmony to the melody to give it a more fulfilling "epic" feel. Since the sounds used for the melody at that part are so smooth, it needs a bit of something extra to hook the listeners. (Sorry, I don't know fancy musical phrases D:) That's it, really. Just make that one part at 1:10 feel more epic, and you'll have a perfect score. This is a well done piece :)

I really like how you used a rough guitar sound to contrast the overall smooth feel of it, too.

*adds to favorites*

MeteorManMike responds:

Yay, I got a favorite! XD
I'm glad you think this would work for an RPG, I'm planning for it to be a boss theme if I ever produce my game. Maybe if I decide to lengthen it/rework it, I could give it that... extra "umph". There's actually an arpeggiating brass at 0:52, I turned it down so it wouldn't freak out my processor... A little too much I guess... But thanks for the awesome review and I'm glad you liked it!

Good, but repetitive at times

I like the parts in it, but after hearing those parts so many times it loses a bit of what it had. Try editing out the parts that repeat so many times, and I can see this as a fairly nice song. The transitions are nice, make sense with eachother, and are VERY well composed. The problem is you beat the life out of them XD Also, it doesn't really end and doesn't loop well.

However, I can see this as the background for something.

Espiongold responds:

The ending was a failure because I was trying to give 4 different endings, so you could in a way select your own, the one that fits best, however when I listened to it after a few days away from it I realised it did not give that impression, and your expecting a change that was not included.

Nice, I can see what you were going for!

First, just wanted to say thank you for reviewing my music, made my day to see something constructive. :3

I like the things added onto eachother one after the other, it's a great effect. At first, it sounds more experimental, but goes into something composed well. I especially like the part at 2:20 where it builds up again.

Only qualm I have are are some of the sounds don't fit in as well as others would, perhaps something smoother coming in at some point? A lot of it stands out, which is fine, although adding some more unique sounds that layer over eachother in the first minute may be more pleasing to the ear.

But you, too, have talent. I would've never thought to add some of those...rifts? That layer over eacher. (Sorry, I don't know fancy music terms. xD )

Sawdust responds:

Thanks for the kind review, man!

I can see the potential

However, it's so scattered that it's hard to give it a really high score. Especially the beginning, it's just too abstract and there are a few too many mistakes. But if you ever redo this with a professional program, or simply error-free, I can see this being a really good song.

Also, the ending is too abrupt D: try ending it on a "hopeful" chord.

Favorited :D

I can see this as a battle theme to some game, as well. Fighting on a sky pirate ship XD

As for the composition itself, it's a bit repetitive at some parts but on the whole is very well put together,

yay review title lolwut


But naw. It's not too bad, I like the way you had the trilling (whatever it's called) sounds. =P But, I've heard this sort of thing before. But, nice nonetheless. You managed to mix it up a bit XD

Am I a popular artist? No. Am I that interesting? No. But, I submit anyway. Please enjoy my music, and PLEASE remember to blindly prai- I mean, constructively criticize my work. (Unlike people who just blam and leave. Don't be one of them!)



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